DX : A Strategic Approach

Digital Transformation is no longer just a set of tech solutions. It’s becoming a critical business strategy, without the right digital strategy, an organization won’t thrive – and may not even survive.
At WeSolveDigital, we understand these strategic challenges and opportunities, and provide aframework to diagnose, visualize, evaluate, design, and implement solutions, and then measure true impact.


Our Digital Transformation workshops are intense group sessions with the client’s senior management team and are focused on a detailed analysis of existing systems and workflow to identify areas of efficiency and digital automation. These detailed meetings with Senior Management also include a Diagnostic review. WeSolveDigital then reviews the analyses and produces a Strategic Marketing Plan agreeing the key objectives with the SME’s Directors and a full roadmap as to how DX will be achieved

Workshops can be held for an entire team or multiple teams.

Workshops are structured as either half day or full day working sessions. Participants are encouraged to bring as much raw data and critical thinking to the workshop.

Strategic Marketing Plan

WeSolveDigital agree the Strategic Marketing Plan with the SME Owner/Directors.

The plan will include the integration of people, processes and technology that will actually deliver the real benefits to customers, staff and the business as a whole. As with any transformation, people will be placed at its core.

The Digital Transformation roadmap for the SME will outline the departmental and functional specification requirements and also an organizational data map with application interfaces.

Project Outline

WeSolveDigital will investigate, review and shortlist suppliers in agreement with the SME Directors then issue a request for Tender based on the Requirement analysis in the Strategic Marketing Plan. The successful Supplier or Suppliers are then identified and WeSolveDigital then issue a detailed DX Project plan defining timelines, budget and resources including detailed training requirements


WeSolveDigital implements the DX project as agreed integrating systems and processes to improve growth and profits together with streamlining and automating key business processes. A successful DX will include a phased transition together with detailed staff training and support


WeSolveDigital will provide ongoing support and advice at all operational levels

digital transformation
digital transformation
digital transformation
Successful digital business transformation is based on a holistic strategy using new technologies to transform business models to improve customer experience as well as internal processes and culture.